Caneles (Canneles) boxes


Smack is a modernized version of the addictively delicious French treat called Canelés, a specialty of the Bordeaux region.  At Smack, we have been obsessed with these unique little custardy cakes since we first tasted them and now, after more than a decade of experimenting with different recipes and techniques, we are offering the best Canelés you’ll ever find. 


Like traditional Canelés, Smacks are bitesize pastries with a rich, creamy center surrounded by a crisp, carmelized crust.  We create a classic version spiked with dark rum and real tahitian vanilla bean, as well as a variety of fun new flavors like passionfruit, orange, espresso, and basil.  The finest Belgian chocolate is used for dipping original flavor Smack for a truly decadant treat for any chocolate lover.


Smacks are more sophisticated than cupcakes, more opulent than madeleines, more exotic than macarons.  Once you try one, we think you'll agree there’s no going back.


Smack is perfect with your morning coffee or tea, as a light dessert, or a delicious treat any time. Often paired with Champagne or sweet wines, such as Sauternes, they are a great match for all kinds of wine and digestifs as well.  They make a great hostess gift, petit four or cocktail party hors d’oeuvre.


Like the bakers in Bordeaux going back hundreds of years, we make our Smacks with only the best organic ingredients, crafting them from scratch every day so they are fresh for your enjoyment. Unlike the mass produced versions found elsewhere, we use only traditional copper molds so that every Smack will have a perfect, crunchy outside to contrast its velvety, custard heart.


You can purchase Smack here on our website,, and have them delivered in the DC area. Next time you visit The Columbia Room, add our Caneles to your cocktail experience. Or look for us on Facebook or on Twitter @FrenchSmackDC to find us at our next local pop up.


Tell us what flavor of Smack you want to see and maybe we’ll make it our next Smack flavor of the month!