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Smack! is a simple idea coming from a not so simple traditional french pastry: the Canelé. Preparing the batter, letting it rest for 24 hours, and lining each copper mold with a beeswax and butter mixture before baking is a true labor of love. We aim to deliver outstanding quality with fresh and organic ingredients while respecting the artisanal nature of this pastry. We also took the original recipe to the next level and made it ours by experimenting and devising the best way to flavor Canelés to transform them into Smacks that we hope you will enjoy on their own or along with your favorite drink.  We are a French husband / American wife team who share a passion for culinary adventures and want to share our Smack creation with the rest of DC.


Nutritional Value



Smack are made fresh to order and should be kept under refrigeration. Enjoy them as soon as possible for best quality, or within 4 days if you have amazing will power.


Ingredients (Original*)

Organic Milk, Organic Eggs, Sugar, Flour, Organic Butter, Dark Rum, Tahitian Vanilla Beans, Natural Almond Extract, Beeswax, Salt.

*contains Almond - other all natural extracts replace almond in the flavor of the month.



For information about catering large events, or any other questions, please contact us at info@iwantsmack.com