It’s a tough life…

This week has been, culinary speaking, splendid!

It started early on in NYC with a dinner at Megu. The star of the night, a dish of scallops in Teriyaki & Foie Gras sauce: So rich, so soft and silky. I’ll have to try to make it one of these days.

Then, back home, as I was grocery shopping, I found passion fruits. I just love passion fruit and when they have them, I can never resist the urge to put them in every single dish I prepare. The passion fruit first went in a marinade for some chicken that I later grilled outside on an uncharacteristically beautiful March evening. Later on that week, it was just thrown on a salad. Finally, I used two of them to prepare a reduction made out of sugar and white wine vinegar to go over a cilantro shrimp dish accompanied with baby bok choy.

Last but not least, this dish is reserved for special occasions: Scallop Tartar with black truffles. The earthiness of the truffle pairs so well with the freshness and richness of a scallop. It is just delicious!

Share your nice meals with us!


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