Move over cupcake. Happy New Year Cannelé!

This is happening! I would lie if I told you I am not excited about this but my couple of years old prediction is about to come true. I worked hard on my friends trying to make them eat good pastries and I was able to witness the change in their minds as they started devouring my Canelés leaving full plates of cupcakes on the table; Canelés are simply better and more sophisticated. I recently captured the phenomenon at a holiday party.


Almost simultaneously, I noticed a lot of activity online; The James Beard Foundation came out with the prediction that Canelés were the “next big thing in desserts” for 2012 quickly echoed by multiple local papers.

Is it that people are ready for a change after years of cupcake mania or is it just that they didn’t know about these wonderful pastries before and are now discovering the wealth of “yumminess” coming their way?

Whichever it is, I wish you a Canelés filled 2012. Happy New Year!

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